Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Mundaka Championships

Just back from a great contest at Mundaka. Was joined by Gerry McGahey, Dessie McGlinchey, Corin and Jake King and Andy McClelland. The highlight of the trip was the great waves on Saturday and the super results gained by the NI juniors. Fingers crossed we get the same in Portugal this summer.


Sunday, 21 December 2008

Pictures from Portugal

Here's some shots of mainman Luis Pedro ripping in his Reflex. Taken at Figueira da Foz, by Filipe BrĂ¡s.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Free surf Donegal & British Open 2008, Portrush, Northern Ireland

Thursday - Darren, Sam, Chris Hobson and I were invited by Dessie to surf a session for the DVD that he's making. It was a perfect surf, on a left hander reef. We nearly had the spot to ourselves and the atmosphere out back was amazing. The only drawback was the wind, which prevented us surfing a second session in the afternoon.

With 5 video cameras (1 headcam, 1 in the water and 3 on the shore, 1 of them professional quality) trained on us, we braved the bigger sets out back with one or two impressive cover ups that were pulled into without a hope of getting out! The inside section walled nicely for some aggressive surfing. After that session I was the most tired (and happy!) that I can remember being after surfing.

A promo for the film can be seen at:

On Friday Dessie took us north, unfortunately there was nowhere to film from here but we had a great surf, with estimations of 20ft faces on the bigger sets. It was COLD. My hands were numb by the time I got on the water, mainly due to the icy wind. The wave was slow and predictable but fairly heavy. The challenge was to take off progressively deeper and try to make it. It’s an intimidating place to surf with lines of swell appearing on the horizon looking like they’re going to break all the way along half a mile further out than you’re sitting. I had to put my trust completely in Dessie paddling into the break, relying on his knowledge of the break. It paid off and I had a really enjoyable surf.

As we got out to this break early, we had the rest of the day to get to Portrush for the competition. On the car journey over I fell straight to sleep. We decided against another surf to keep us fresh for competition; instead we visited the Giant’s Causeway. Here we half forgot about the rocks that we came to see, when we saw the huge waves in the bay. They were probably the biggest, heaviest waves I have ever seen, and were really close – tow in surf-able if you were crazy and didn’t mind rocks!

Saturday morning, competition time. The windy conditions were difficult to surf in but with the wind getting weaker throughout the day we saw the potential of the quality beach break. Chris Hobson, James Hawker and I all displayed our stupidity, taking some of the big clean up sets at the end of the day, which although were entertaining from the shore, were very heavy, and really painful! Chris Hobson also pulled an awesome air landing on the green, securing himself a place in the men’s semi finals. The excellent facilities at the venue were much appreciated, you could retreat out of the biting cold wind after your heat into warm showers and a changing room. There was also a meeting room that you could watch the surfing from (although most people seemed to prefer standing outside in the cold!).

That evening we had a meal at 55o North where we watched some footage from the day.

Sunday. We arrived an hour or two early as six people can’t get the clocks changing right! It was a long wait for me until my junior finals at the end of the day, leaving me time to get fairly nervous! After watching a day of high quality surfing, it was time for the finals. It was really motivating in the junior short boat final to take a good wave in, start the paddle out and see someone else ripping on a wave. I sprinted solidly throughout the heat, with sets fortunately coming to the peak that I was sitting on as soon as I got there. The set waves didn’t seem to close, giving some really long rides. Some great displays of surfing from Chris Hobson and Jonny saw them deservedly take the mens long and short finals. Coran surfed well all weekend, making three finals, coming up on top in the long boat juniors. Miss Mega was really pleased to retain the ladies short boat title and I was thrilled to win the juniors short boat.

British Open Champions 2008
Mens Short boat – Jonny Bingham
Mens Long boat – Chris Hobson
Juniors Short boat – Philip Watson
Juniors Long boat – Coran King
Ladies Short boat – Robyn Pearcey
Ladies Long boat – Tracy Sherrington
Masters Short boat – Richard Hobson
Masters Long boat – Jock Young

A big thanks to Jonny, Gerry and the Northern Irish team for the smoothly run and efficient competition that we have come to expect from the Northern Irish.

Good luck to Darren in Australia. It was a great farewell trip that he can look back on and remember why he moved to somewhere warm!


Wednesday, 29 October 2008

British Open

The weekend of the 25th and 26th of October saw the some of the biggest swell iv ever seen!

The competition began on Saturday 9am. The swell forecast for the day before had been OFF the scale on Magic Seaweed (for those of you that don’t know, that means it was above 25ft!).

The venue was Portrush, Northern Ireland, and the competitors had travelled from Scotland, Wales and England to surf the break. This beach break is renowned within the Northern Irish surfing community for being hollow and heavy, even on nice days. This weekend was no exception.

Saturday morning, and the swell had dropped to about 23ft. The heavens had opened and the winds were high, all the necessities you need to make a good comp, lol. As the first heats of the day went out, competitors such as Gerry McGahey and Darren Bassen really showed their talents as they took on the barrelling break.

Gerry McGahey who organised the event, and to whom i must say a big thank you to, it was a great event! decided to postpone the Ladies heats until the Sunday due to the heavy conditions.

The first Ladies heat on Sunday was at 10.40, and consisted of myself (Robyn Pearcey), Elaine Alexader, Shalene Ward, and Jackie Ferguson. The winds had dropped, and dare I say it, we actually had some sunshine :)! Everyone paddled really hard as we battled against the 10ft faces on the way out. Elaine got one of the nicest waves of the whole heat.

Both Shalene and I made it through to the Final along with Tamsin Green and Tracy Sherrington from the other heat. The Final was held at 1.40 that afternoon, by which time the winds had really dropped and the surf was a lot cleaner.

The Hooter went! We all started paddling for waves, Shalene had an awesome first wave, shortly followed by Tamsin and then myself. Everyone in the Final surfed exceptionally well and made the most out of the waves that were to be had.
The Final Hooter went, and as we got off the water, I really didn’t know whether I had done enough to secure a place in the top three.

The announcements went as follows. Shalene Ward 4th Place, Tracy Sherrington 3rd Place, (and this was when the nerves kicked in) Tamsin Green 2nd Place, Robyn Pearcey 1st Place. I couldn’t believe it, I was over the moon!

I would just like to say that everyone in the Final paddled really well and I would like to say a special thank you to Tamsin who has always, and continues to encourage and support me, it means a lot. Thank you hun.

I would also like to thank Mega. If it wasn’t for you dad, I wouldn’t have an amazing boat to surf :). A big thank you to both you and mum. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for you two, Big Hug!. And last but not least I would like to thank all my friends, both at home and at uni, for their ongoing support and encouragement, cheers guys! :)

Robyn A.K.A Miss Mega!

New Zealand!

Hi Guys

Just an update from my travels so far.

I left home on september the 21st and went to Hong Kong for 5 days.. interesting trying to move around with my boat but some how both me and the merlin came out alive!

Next I went to stay with some family in the North island of NZ, had a great time with good weather and amazing food. Next I came to Queenstown an amazing small town in the South Island with tons of bars, cool people and far far too many jager bombs... its all about the jager bombs... perfect. I am now working as a riversurfing guide (possibly the best job in the world!) and generally loving life!

Just wanted to write and say well done to all the England team in france it sucked that I had to leave early but I had an amazing last night and am really missing you all!!!! I also wanted to say a massive THANKYOU to Mega for all your support and those coctails in france! Also i heard that Phill and Robyn did really well in Ireland Nice one guys! I have put a couple of pics up that have nothing to do with surfing but are pretty cool anyway.



Friday, 17 October 2008

Irish Open + European Wave Ski Open

Last weekend, Easky Left was the venue of the Annual Irish Open, followed by the European waveski Championships.

With big waves and a high standard of surfing, they were both great events. Videos and Pictures can be found at:

Results were:

Irish open IC

1st Chris Hobson
2nd Dessie Mc Glinchy
3rd Lenny Kellagher

Irish open HP

1st Chris Hobson
2nd Waye Timmons
3rd Corin King

Junior Hp And Ic both won by Corin King.

European Wave Ski Under 21 Class:

1st Chris Hobson - Mega Merlin Ski
2nd Corin King
3rd Jake King

Personally I would like to thank Malcolm for providing me with both Kayaks and the new 'Merlin Ski' for this event!

Chris Hobson
Photographs to follow...

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

World Cup and Homes France 2008

The Flying Squad was in fine form last week at the World Cup in France. It was held along side the Home Internationals so there was a lot of competing to be had during the week. There was a great atmosphere amongst the competitors and the first few days saw some great waves. Team England were fantastic and had some awsome results which saw them win the Homes. We were then becalmed which gave the lads a chance to dig big sandy holes and launch themselves across them. The Saturday however saw the competition take on a serious note again with places in the final of the World Cup at stake. There were some great waves to be had although quite a lot closed out so choice was important. The finals saw some great surfing from everyone. Sam and David had a close battle with Sam coming out on top to take the junior title. In the Men's Edu and David (he must have been tired by now from all the heats!) also had a great contest with Edu winning the Men's title. I was in the final against Alisa and eventually came through to win the womens title. I had a great time at the event and was well pleased to have won the world cup. Mention also to be made of Robyn who surfed brilliantly through out the week although did not make the semi finals. Thanks to Team Mega, I love my Reflex!!, Jon Watson for being a great team manager, the Homes organisers, Pete and Stu and finally Rusty for running the World cup. It was a week to remember.


Quackers Charity event at Alnwick gardens

Last month I was privileged to be asked to help out in a local charity event held at Alnwick gardens.
A duck race was held at Alnwick gardens to raise money for Grace House childrens hospital and over £22000 was raised by selling ducks in Sainsbury's throughout the North East. These ducks were then released into the fountains at Alnwick Gardens and the lucky ones were picked out by myself sitting in my surf boat at the bottom which was a laugh and surprised a few visitors.

It was great to be part of this event and do a bit for charity.

More can be seen here


Friday, 5 September 2008


I arrived at Skern Lodge on Friday evening after having travelled non-stop for 12 hrs, Chris Hobson enjoyed the fact that it was a lot shorter on the plane!!! Anyway, I enjoyed spending the evening with John Watson, Malcolm and Sue and after an early breakfast on saturday morning it was straight to the beach at woolacombe.

The juniors kicked off the day by trying out the plastic boats down the sand dunes (christened the hill of death when walking back up to the carpark with a boat over the shoulder) Sam Davenport and Jack Horwell started off, Chris Hobson got a decent blunt and Dave Speller actually got air!!

The main competition started off with a strong cross wind which made surfing conditions difficult. There were a lot of popped decks, some swims ( I actually got sucked out in one of the heats), Robyn's leg injury (going well up until then) and a few good old fashion hidings.

As the day progressed the surf got bigger and better and reaching the semis we had 6 juniors and 2 seniors left in the competition. The final was very keenly contested and everyone surfed well. Darren Bason comming in 1st place, Steve childs 2nd, Sam Davenport 3rd and Dave Speller 4th place.

After the competition,it was straight on to Cook Island to celebrate Malcolm and Sue's 25th wedding anniversary. It turned out to be a great night with a great carvery, music from DJ mastervibe and an unbelieveable raffle with 2 composite and 2 plastic boats up for grabs along with the many other prizes, we all left with plenty of goodies.Thankfully I had nothing to do with anything concerning stickers!!!! (we know you knew all along Malcolm).

The weekend ended with an expression session on sunday morning. Shaun Holmes, Steve davies and Steve Childs were ripping it up on the skis and Philip Watson and myself also got among the prizes for best moves. Malcolm also had his new Ski available which is definitely worth a look.
On reflection of the weekend I would say the competition was well run, good to meet up with old faces and some new, RAIN, friendly people, great party, prizes galore, Hill of death. I would recommend this weekend to beginners and experienced surf kayakers and hope to be there again next year. Yeah, and before I go Chris did manage to mention before he left that there was a big time difference in travelling to Ireland between van and plane.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Good to be home . . .

. . . when it’s like this!